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The material

VOLVENDUM is made of high quality aluminum enriched with magnesium and manganese to ensure mechanical strength, while keeping a "soft" feeling during ball impact, a characteristic of this type of material.

The Coloring

The putter head is not painted, but it is covered by a micro metric layer of colored aluminum, obtained by electrolyte anodizing.

The coatings obtained by electrolysis have a higher resistance to abrasion and mechanical strength and a higher resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. The porous nature of the oxide film also allows the production of colored coatings through the deposition of organic and metallic pigments. 
Four colors are available: red, blue, black and gold.

The brending & optics  

The writing as well are not printed but obtained through a laser engraving. The laser engraving of anodized aluminum is a superficial incision that eliminates the colored oxide layer and brings to light the natural color of the aluminum ensuring an indelible resistance.

Most importantly, the optics of this putter are exceptional, giving you the best opportunity to line it up correctly time after time.

 Putter Face Shape

Putter head with rounded impact face is not a new thing, but Volvendum drew a profile that is not circular, but it has the same shape of a portion of the cycloid.

The Cycloid

  The Weights

VOLVENDUM putter has the opportunity to choose the best head weight possible. The Volvendum putter head is light: 
• naked head: 232 grams 
• with light weights: 300 grams (34 x 2= + 68 grams)
• with medium weights: 325 grams (46,5 x 2= +93 grams)
• with heavy weights: 350 grams (59 x 2 =+ 118 grams)

The novelty of this putter is also that when the player feels the right weight of the putter head, it is also possible to balance the head without changing the total weight, by moving inside or outside the putter head the cylindrical weights, independently at the toe or at the heel and fixing them with the hex-key.
This option permits to change the MOI (Moment of Inertia) without changing the total weight

Impact Point

This particular face profile has 3 great advantages:
1. The best possible impact point with the ball considering an elevation of the putter sole from the ground between 1 to 6 mm; 
2. The dynamic loft is always 0°, thus ensuring a quick rolling of the ball; 
3. The impact point is smaller than the one of classic flat face.

With a flat putter face the point of impact assumes a different profile depending on the portion of the ball in contact with the face of the putter, as shown in the pictures below, and in some cases the contact area becomes larger close to the cusps of the ball dimples due to the slight compression of the surface (a semi-rigid dental marker was used as a marker).

With a rounded  putter face the point of impact assumes a linear profile and it is smaller as the cusps of the ball dimples interfere less.

Pictures of the surface of impact with a flat face

Pictures of the surface of impact with a round face

NO Side Spin

Putters with synthetic inserts or rough impact surfaces produce the side spin.

The surface of the Volvendum putter is extremely smooth and the anodization gives a characteristic that can be defined as "self lubricating", reducing friction to impact and consequently minimizing side spin.

The ball rolls quicker and better

As shown before, the flat face putter has different points of contact with the ball and certainly below and above the ball mass center (CM); this implies that the forces acting on the ball will operate in the competition. In particular, the force below the ball mass center generates the back spin, observed in the first centimeters of motion, and, as long as the static friction does not exceed the skidding friction, the ball will not start to roll.

In the case of a putter with a round face, the impact point is a line so to eliminate the two competing and opposing forces and the ball will roll immediately without back spin.


Shaft : stepped or stepless triple bend; putter face in line (shaft triple bend with offseet) or straight.
Shaft length: on request - max 37 inches 
Lie : standard 70° - on request: 67°- 68°- 69°- 71°- 72

Accessories included with the putter

Each Volvendum putter is provided with a Accessories Kit box containing 3  different weights to set rear the putter head, plus a Hex Key for the grub screw, 2 spare parts of grub screw.